Piping/Underground Piping
As a licensed mechanical and plumbing contractor, Kerney and Associates field team is versed in the latest pipe joining technologies available today. Our goal is to provide a seamless project that provides the least amount of disruption to your building. For example, instead of soldering copper in a hospital or office building corridor, we now use a joining method called “pro-press” that eliminates soldering or welding. There are also alternatives to steel piping such as high density poly-ethylene pipe. This also eliminates welding and has a longer life cycle. If you are in the need to re-pipe your plumbing, domestic, condenser or chilled water risers, please contact us for an evaluation. We can provide you with the best and most cost effective solution for your building.

Cooling Towers
Kerney and Associates has a wealth of experience when it comes to cooling tower replacement or refurbishment. One of the things that differentiate us from our competition is that we are fully versed in all of the Building Codes applicable to this equipment. With a majority percentage of our work in South Florida, there are strict codes dealing with Hurricane force winds. We can protect building owners by making sure their cooling towers are installed with strict adherence to the code. Many contractors will leave out certain items required by the code because they are not knowledgeable. This results in change orders to the project which are outside of your budget. Kerney and Associates will carry all of the costs associated with code compliance in their proposal resulting in zero change orders.

When it comes to Chiller and Central Plant retrofits, Kerney & Associates has the in-house capabilities to execute a Design-Build project. With a mechanical engineer as part of our team our goal is to not only replace the components that have aged past their life-cycle, but to improve the overall efficiency of your plant. Since we are not an OEM equipment supplier, we are product neutral and will provide you with the chiller selections that are the best fit for your facility. We typically will give you more than one option to choose from and together come to a decision of the best unit for your budget and electrical consumption.

You can rely on Kerney as a single point of responsibility to deliver a turnkey project from Development, Design and Delivery of the project.

Central Plants


Heating Plants